Melides connection
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Olà tuda gente! hélio everybody ! bonjour à tous ! Halo Alle Leute ! here i will write in different languages, because that’s how it is in my Melides life ;)) .. un peu de français ? ein bisschen Deutsche? ... um pouco de tudo, depende do que falamos, e com quem, isn’t it ? don’t worry i will not write too much i will mainly connect the links and talk directly around to collect the fine links and ideas that can be regroup to make the Melided connection alive,.. and creactive! it’s up to you & us ! so don’t hesitate to share your links & events,.. i will connect for us. i opened a private facebook page so we can exchange here locally. if any suggestions or critics, please send it to me. there will be a simple rule this melides connection expect naturally: let’s stay ... elegant, in any way ! these pages are meant to share also with the kids, ... ( better things expressed ) so that’s it for today this was my morning local collective time with you. i will switch on other graphic subject have a great one too **
Melides connection... s ! jà’chta! quaz
9 juno 2920
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